Little Planet

Like the “Tilt Shift” the “Twist” distortion in the PicsArt App (Google playiTunes Store)is a really cool method of showing off cityscapes. I  have tried other photos, however, they dont seem to really take advantage of the format. In addition, I used the App “MasterFX” (iTunes Store) which is an amazing app that I have been using for quite a long time.

The advent of the iPhone and the Android platform has contributed considerably to photography and creativity. The platforms are so incredibly popular with a myriad of apps that give the photographer so many options of creativity. Many have asked how  I created the photos presented below, it is very easy…

PicsArt, within PicsArt, I open the photo I wish to edit, then I select, “Effects” and “Distort” and “Tiny Planet”, dont forget to click “Tiny Planet” twice for more options. Once Completed, I open the photo in “MasterFX” and then add such items as star, light, cloud or earth effects.

Drop me a line and let me know what you have created, also, let me know if you have any tips if you have been using these apps… I would love to hear from you